Aqua Play Parks: A Next Generation of Thrill Ride

May 06, 2019

Heads up Beach Lovers, there is a new water park in the town. I’ve been to many inflatable water parks but the one I’m most looking forward to is the Aqua Play Parks next big water park coming soon to Batangas. This is one of the many exciting projects they are planning across the Philippines. The water slides are going to be fun, thrilling, and extreme. It's great news and perfect timing when summer is just around the corner.

Just hearing this sensational news has got me all excited. Are you looking forward to the opening? I’m sure you do. One of their best thrilling slides is the 3-in-1 slide. The slide may only last a few seconds but the heart-thumping, fist-clenching thrills is what will keep you wanting more. They have some of the biggest water slides in the world.

But you know what? There’s more. The Aqua Play Park (APP) is launching something new, it is a giant monster half-pipe slide which is 30 feet tall; it’s a roller coaster of all water slides. It slides you down and swings you up before you land into the water. I’m really pumped up and can’t wait to try some of their best slides. They are taking it to the next level!

To name a few of their other best features:

  • Double Monster Slides
  • Ninja Obstacle Courses
  • Human Launcher
  • Trampoline Volleyball
  • Huge Icebergs
  • Monkey Bars
  • Jungle Joe
  • Saturn Racker
  • Puddle Boards and many more.
Imagine yourself playing here this summer. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’m sure you will (if you’re a kid at heart like me).

I think I’ve told you enough about what my summer plan is. Let me tell you a bit about who Aqua Play Parks is and what they have been doing to make some of the world-class Inflatable water parks.

The giant floating water slides of Aqua Play Parks are the product of imagination, creativity and architectural expertise of the company's very own CEO, Mr. Peter Appleton.

With 30 years of experience under his wing, he has done hands-on production to ensure that all his designer slides were carefully made by personally selecting materials and crafted in his own company in China. Mr. Appleton has always done inspections to ensure the quality of his completed products is high standards. He has taken every step to build a quality structure that brings balance even in strong winds and yet provides the height and slopes for the special "jet-rush" feel. The slides are a combination of safety, fun, and excitement while enjoying the rides.

Although, there were bigger water slides in America and Europe. Aqua Play Parks managed to earn its bragging rights when it won the Guinness Book World Record for the “Highest floating water slide in the world” in 2016. That’s a big WOW factor! The motto of the company is to bring the “WOW factor in every Aqua Play Projects “they sure did an amazing job so far.

Also here are some of the Aqua Play Parks completed projects which brings joy to millions of fellow (Filipino) beach lovers:

Kamia Bay Resort
Aside from the beautiful beaches and famous tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. You’ll also see the second floating park installed by Aqua Play Parks which is also known as the first extreme ocean activity in the whole province also this installation is currently the biggest inflatable park in the whole country.

CBI Water Park, Club Balai Isabel
Located in Talisay Batangas, this grey themed park is one of the first projects of Aqua Play Parks that really made an impact in the ocean adventure industry here in the Philippines. Also, this park is one of the parks that used the very first 3-in-1 Monster slide which is 30 feet high.

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort
Located in Oas, Albay the inflatable water park here made the secluded beach more lively. There’s more! There are more exciting projects of Aqua Fun Parks to look out for!

Siargao Waterworld
One of the best places to visit here in the Philippines is Siargao, and now you have one more reason why you should definitely visit this place. Soon Aqua Play Parks will be installing the first ever floating water park in Mindanao, this new attraction will feature lavish glamping along the famous shore of Siargao Province.

Aqua Play Parks upcoming project is to open one of the biggest inflatable parks in the Whole Wide World. This will be located in Bohol! No longer Bohol will only be known for its Chocolate Hills. In the near future, Bohol will be remembered for having one of the coolest inflatable parks. So stay tuned for more information.

Would like to know more? Visit Aqua Play Parks website and social media channels for more updates and latest events:

Facebook: Aqua Play Parks Philippines

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