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May 06, 2019

There are many Korean BBQ Restaurants across Manila but Filipinos appetite for mouth-watering Korean cuisine can never get enough of it. There is a new restaurant around the block called Fantastic Baka

The restaurant has been operating for almost a year and serves authentic Korean BBQ. It may look and sound like another average Korean restaurant, but Fantastic Baka is anything but average! Chef Jang Jun Yun who was awarded 3-Michelin star for her culinary work at Gaon (Korea) has been providing local Filipinos with an exquisite dining experience in Fantastic Baka.

I had the opportunity to personally eat at their restaurant and try one of their high-end All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ selections. The restaurant is located across ABS-CBN, Quezon City, Philippines. When I arrived at the restaurant I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and sizzling sound of meat being grilled on the built-in grills. The restaurant was filling up quickly (it was around 7pm) but I was fortunate enough to get a table for myself and my friends. The busiest time of the day is between 7PM - 11PM. So, you may want to get in early or make reservations to avoid waiting time.

Fantastic Baka has a seating capacity of 100. When you compare to a typical Korean BBQ restaurant in Manila, it has a huge seating capacity which is perfect for special occasions, family, and friends get-together. They also have four VIP Rooms which can accommodate 12 persons per room to host family or work-related events!

Similar to most Korean buffets here in Manila, they offer different pricing for weekdays and weekends. They have 2 different Unlimited BBQ Menu:-

  1. 799 Premium Unlimited
  2. The P 799/person Unlimited buffet serves 15 different types of Meat and Sides (including Premium Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Sausage).
  3. 599 Premium Unlimited
  4. The P 599/person Unlimited buffet serves 11 different type of Meat and 13 different type of Sides (excludes Premium Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Sausage). Note - The Weekend & Holiday price is P 699/person.
Note - Alcohol, Drinks, and Desserts are exclusive to Unlimited BBQ selections.

The difference between the two sets is that expensive one has premium meat included such as Brisket Point (P 450), Prime Chuck Eyeroll (P 600), Seasoned Prime Chuck Eyeroll (P 600), Hanging Tender (P 650). Fantastic Baka has a promotional offer for 599 Premium Unlimited which has reduced the menu set by P 100 to P 499/person. The promo is only available on Weekdays between 11AM - 4PM and it doesn't state when the promo expires, your best bet is to check out their Facebook before making reservations or going to the restaurant. All the meat and sides mentioned in their buffet are unlimited servings. All you have to do is ask the attendants and they will bring it to your table.

For family get-together, kids who are below 3 feet can eat free, between 3 to 4.2 feet get a 30% discount. There is also a penalty of P 200 if there is any leftover. I'm sure there wouldn't be any leftover when you get to eat all these delicious food but I just wanted to let you know to avoid any additional cost.

Fantastic Baka has taken into consideration the Filipino cuisine when creating the menus (and including pricing). In additional to premium cuts of meat and incredible barbeque feast, they also serve seafood and hotdogs which are unlike anything Filipino has experienced.

From my personal experience and I recommend the P799 Premium Unlimited BBQ menu (for those who can afford it and when compared to the other option), the high-quality beef was exquisite and makes you wanting more. Once I tried their premium cut beef, I could not stop myself. By the time I realized, I already ate several servings of their finest meat and washed it down with a shot of Soju (recommended)!
Cheesy Samgyupsal 

Facebook has given 4.7 out of 5 stars and Zomato review has given 4.2 out of 5 stars for Fantastic Baka after reviewing the following categories:
  • Price
  • Ambiance
  • Service
  • Taste
  • Customer Service
  • Location
My overall experience, I give 5 out of 5 for great customer service and premium quality of food that was served. I can't wait to visit again with my family and friends. Fantastic Baka is definitely worth another visit.
For More Information, please visit their website and FaceBook page:

Website: Fantastic Baka
Facebook: Fantastic Baka Yes
Location: Grandia Place 143 Mother Ignacia Ave. Quezon City, Philippines 1101
Phone: +63 917 132 1170
Hours: 11:00 AM - 1:00 AM

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