Adventure That Matters - Yangil, Zambales

June 11, 2019

There are so many things to see and do in Zambales! But this tour was definitely one of my favourite activity!

I was invited (with my fellow Filipino bloggers) to see the beautiful Aeta village of Yangil by Mad Travel adventure tribe and treks. ( Made A Difference) and it was indeed one of a kind and meaningful experience.

The tour involves easy trekking to reach the village but heads up, you will be passing by rivers also, so make sure to wear comfy sandals and clothes. Also, there was not much shade during the trek so you’ll definitely feel the scorching heat of the sun that’s why I would highly recommend for you to wear sunblock and bring a cap for extra protection. They also have another mode of transportation there, if you don’t feel like walking or getting wet by the river you can just ride in their grab carabao. (Carabao is their main mode of transportation there )

Our first activity when we arrived in the yangil village is that we joined their tree planting program. Because of the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, the soil there were covered by heavy sand ashes that makes it hard for trees and plants to grow, that’s why it’s was really hot around their place, because there are no trees to give shade and to cool down the area.

We all know that the world would never stop using wood. People cut trees non stop, cause it became their main source of livelihood, but we never even replace them, which is one of the reasons why we experience flash floods, climate change, and other more calamities. That’s why this part of the tour was really nice and at the same time enjoyable. Let’s give back a little with what we take from Mother Earth.

After we planted seeds, cut off some grass and spread fertilizers in the soil, we took a quick break for a while and enjoyed our snacks which are lemongrass tea and some chips.

Then after that, we headed to the village, we were welcomed warmly by the people there. The kids there looked really shy, but once you smile at them they would definitely smile back at you also. And for lunch, they served us a scrumptious Filipino style salo salo. It was really amazing, especially I can really taste that the food they served was all organic and you won’t even taste the additives and preservatives that you’ll usually taste in a usual Filipino dish.

But for me the highlight of the tour is when the yangil tribe gave us a wonderful performance, they shared their culture to us by dancing, singing and also giving us natural medicinal tips they use their in their village.

We also tried archery there, and it’s was really fun to try and at the same time kinda annoying when you can’t even hit the target.

They are super talented, the bow and arrow we used are made by them and also they sell cutleries and straws that were made by bamboo. They have many products there that are 100% organic and environmentally friendly.

After all that fun we sadly said goodbye to the beautiful place of yangil and it’s beautiful people and went back to Liwa for dinner and heard back to Circle Hostel to rest, where actually we didn’t rest at all!

My experience there was beyond good yet also tiring, but thanks to Ultima, I managed to go finish the tour lively! ( still got extra energy to socialize after the tour )

Also would like to share to you guys that every time you buy Ultima vitamins, proceeds of it will help them raise funds to a by a carabao for the aeta community.

If you’re interested to join also their tribe and trek tours here are the rates and inclusions :

Day Tour Activities include:
  • Guided Trek to Yangil Village
  • Archery & Traditional Dances
  • Intro to Herbal Medicine
  • Tree-planting
  • Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
Regular Packages:
  1. Tribes & Treks A: P3,0502
    • Day Tour + 2 nights at Circle Hostel
  2. Tribes & Treks B: P2,500
    • Day Tour + 1 night at Circle Hostel
  3. Tribes and Treks C: P1,950
    • Day Tour Only (Saturday)
Pick-Up Point: The Circle Hostel, Zambales at 7am

For more information:

Victory Liner Packages:
  1. Victory Liner Package A: Php 3,300
    • Day Tour 
    • 2 Nights stay at Circle Hostel 
    • Roundtrip Bus Tickets (Cubao-Zambales) 
    • Tricycle Pick-up & Drop-off
  2. Victory Liner Package A: Php 2,200
    • Day Tour
    • Roundtrip Bus Tickets (Cubao-Zambales) 
    • Tricycle Pick-up & Drop-off
For more information:

[About the Weather]

During the rainy season, crossing the rivers to get to Yangil may become impassable to guests and the tribe. In the event that this happens and the tour is cancelled, you may be able to transfer your tour to another date or opt to join one of the other tours on the same weekend!

Part of our profit goes to rebuilding the 3000-hectare rainforest to provide financial, medical, and environmental sustainability for the Aetas. Send them a message or reserve your slot at

Also, this tour is supported by the LGU of San Felipe, Zambales

Now that’s what I call #AdventuresThatMatters.


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